Future Technology Research Center

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  • - Optimization problems
  • - Robotics
  • - Internet of Things, communication networks, and cloud computing
  • - Natural language processing
  • - AI, deep learning, and machine learning operations

Optimization Problems

Many engineering and business problems are optimization problems. Solutions include fractional order systems and bio-inspired computational intelligence among numerical approaches.


Industry 4.0 needs robotic applications, which involve issues such as those of non-linear control and sliding mode control.

IoT, Network Communication and Cloud Computing

In IoT applications, many problems involve network communication, intensive computation and cloud and distributed computing can deal with these problems.

Natural Language Processing

In this digital era, sentiment analysis can check users' reactions towards the products they use and feedback to affect the design and production of these products.

AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning Operations

In AI applications, machine learning is applied to detect objects and data analytics in numerous disciplines. ML operations are needed to provide trustworthy AI technology.